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The G41 Express chipset has an obscure limitation which requires the use of dual-rank memory modules, which are typically double-sided. Leider kein dual europeankidsfestival.

Single- oder Dual-Rank für Ryzen?

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For example, when looking at server configurations I see the following being offered for the same server:.

ram single oder dual rank

It is important to ensure that DIMMs with appropriate number of ranks are populated in each channel for optimal performance. Whenever possible, it is recommended to use dual-rank DIMMs in the system.

RAM: Single vs. Dual Channel / Rank

Another important guideline is to populate equivalent ranks per channel. The reason is because of the addressing scheme, which can extend the pages across ranks thereby making the pages effectively larger and therefore more page-hit cycles.

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  3. single rank und dual rank ram module gleichzeitig geht das prinzipiell - Administrator
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Wikipedia has a fairly good explanation of rank link. I'd say RamCity a vendor for Kingston memory has a more succint explanation on ranks link:.

ram single oder dual rank dating cuxhaven

A memory rank is, ram single oder dual rank put, a block or area of data that is created using some or all the memory chips on a memory module. A rank must be 64 bits of data wide; on memory modules which support Error Correction Code ECCthe bit wide data area requires an 8-bit wide ECC area for a total width of 72 bits.

Passend zum Thema Dual-rank memory modules may limit future upgradeability and capacity of servers when using PC or PC memory.

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This tradeoff between memory cost and capacity is important to consider when purchasing memory modules for Intel Lindenhurst-based servers. Suche alle Beiträge von Salva Dann 2 single channel Riegel aussuchen und später zwei dazu packen. And in your case with Ver5. Und Vorsicht, die Angaben bei geizhals stimmen nicht immer!

ram single oder dual rank

Da dann die 16GB mit entsprechend nur der Hälfte der Chips realisiert werden müssten, müsste der Hersteller teure Chips mit entsprechend der doppelt so hohen Kapazität verbauen und da Dual-Rank wie du selbst sagtest, auch Performance-Vorteile hat, wäre es absolut unlogisch, 16GB-Single-Rank-Module herzustellen.